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Virtue Map helps you to

Stop wasting time, set goals,
and get things done

Get what you truly want from life. It’s simple
when you know how!

Stop stressing out and feeling
bad about yourself

Stop the downwards spiral. Get things done,
feel great, do great!

Get unstuck and grow into
You 2.0

Live the life you’ve always dreamed of.
You deserve it!

How it works

Uncover the map of your personal psychology

Gain an understanding of when you procrastinate, why you procrastinate, and how you procrastinate

Recreate yourself by implementing new models of acting and thinking

Find out what works for you and eliminate procrastination by changing your brain’s neurological pathways

Thrive in your new mode of action, confidence, and well-being

Enjoy your new stress-free and guilt-free life full of excitement, opportunities, and achievements.

A personalized step-by-step program to overcome procrastination, strengthen willpower and become the best version of yourself.

What’s included:

87 step-by-step daily tasks, personalized to you

from a Behavioral Psychologist & Certified Success Coach, delivered straight to your email.

Personalized productivity system and tools

that boost productivity, improve focus and work specifically for you.

Quick 5-15 minute tasks to complete each day

based on latest behavioral science, they will hugely reduce your procrastination levels and improve your ability to concentrate.

Daily guidance from success coaches

that will make your journey easy and keep you accountable.

A personalized, customizable habit plan

to track your progress, get rid of bad habits and introduce new healthy ones.

FREE BONUS E-Book “High Achiever’s Guide to Productivity”

with over 100+ pages of actionable information on boosting your focus and reaching your goals.

Personalized content about procrastination

that covers relationships, career, motivation, emotional life and finances.

They ditched the “I’ll do it later” attitude

Techniques featured in:

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